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Posted: Thursday 6 August 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: wow classic gold


To be honest, the entire WOW Classic community is such a contradictory mess. 90 percent of the forum threads are all complaints and sniping at each other or Blizzard/Activision and also the subreddit is not that far better. I would not argue that the customer service was great or they haven't badly mishandled things (ex. The Blitzchung jumble, a handful of changes made for WOW Classic) but they also need to deal with a playerbase that can be incredibly entitled and wow classic gold poisonous.

Let's Talk: WOW Classic Server Health

I provide several solutions in the end if you would rather skip to those, but if you have a moment I recommend starting at the beginning. We started out on Stalagg in the launch of WOW Classic. Herod was actually the host that we had coordinated to land on with several different guilds. However, queue times and a gloomy faction balance induced us to not roll there. Boy was that a mistake.

Stalagg was a damn fine host at the beginning. It was about 55/45 Horde favorite. It did have queue times however that continued to plague it. Shortly after launching (September 3rd Source) free transfers were offered. Faction equilibrium remained intact as it appeared either side dropped an equivalent number of WOW players. This went on for a few weeks and it became clear that the Alliance were losing WOW players compared to Horde which resulted in Heartseeker being Alliance dominant. In the long run it had been about 33/66 Horde favorite.

Now 33/66 is not but the transfers only got started. Before the launch of World Bosses and the Honor system the next wave of transfers occurred on November 8th (Source). By the time the weekend ended the bottom had given out on a lot of the Alliance inhabitants. With fear of getting camped worse than they were Alliance missing and much more casual people's leveling. On November 11th they made free transfers faction specific to Horde (Source). It was far too late however. We had been asked to make a decision for 80 people in three times.

The sense of failure as a GM that didn't make the correct choice at the time that is correct is immeasurable. I failed my guildies by leaving them. Every single flight master was camped, Ironforge camped, Blackrock Mountain.... We knew that we had to move not necessarily due to the camping but since the host economy was non existent and there were no WOW players to recruit.

We finally landed on Incendius and made a decision to weigh our options. It seemed like the promised land. It had a inhabitants, and about a 40/60 Alliance. After the initial reset of buy wow gold classic this new year I requested all my guildmates to spend their money and make the transfer to Incendius. That is not in different nations that need to pay more for their transports.

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