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Posted: Wednesday 11 November 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy




I had been watching a video and they'd kings knights training area I did quests to RS gold get in there and its gr8 but hit alot of 0 (orges in cages) but in a way itsd good as u dont need to run about making crabs pop up... can somebody help me? What is the ideal location to train range with a cannon? There my stats and also my cb is 41... The areas I know of are... Rock crabs, Kings knight coaching area, Stronghold. They are the places I understand that give me good range xp and no additional xp if I use cannon.

I started the Haunted Mine Quest a very long time ago when I was like level 58, I died and dropped some precious things. I am considering trying again. I use lobsters, I have dragon legs, dragon dagger (p++), granite platebody, dragon medium helm, granite shield, dragon mace, dragon longsword, ancient mace, rune hally, (a couple other melee weapons), I have a magic bow, I have a tendency to utilize iron arrows, magic I've the runes needed. Although I prefer melee I'm much better at it. I have splitbark armor. Please tell me what to do to conquer Treus. I am better with melee, but if I want to do half and half I will do it. How should I do it. Thanks.

I am kinda getting tired. What if I do? Also which is ideal to OSRS buy gold earn money?




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