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Posted: Monday 8 February 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


Currently I'm unsure whether it is well worth it to RuneScape gold use Juju Farming potions - though they are helpful, they require a lengthy time to assemble ingredients to create. They do, however, make Torstol seeds a more viable option for profit, giving on average more profit than Snapdragon even on patches other than the Trollheim patch. 1 factor of note here that covers a couple of alternatives, otherwise I am in near complete agreement. As far as juju farming Crystals go, they're a terrific bonus to a herb run - that they give a 1 in 3 chance to receive 2 herbs @ once & I rarely do a run with less than 50 total herbs from 5 patches unless some expire. My highest is over 70.

BUT as leaf states its a waste of time to camp Herblore Habitat just to make the potions, I do it every week just for the rapid bonus XP for finding all 10/13 jadinkos & some seeds discovered while doing this get planted & used. They only last a couple of minutes so the most efficient route I've found for getting all spots using 1 dose of potion is: get into the Trollheim patch, drink a dose of juju farming pot, REPEAT STEP, Ectophial teleport to Port Phasmatys & run into spot, REPEAT STEP, cabbage port (explorer ring) into Falador patch, REPEAT STEP, Cloak teleport into Ardougne Farm, REPEAT STEP, Camelot tab & conduct to Catherby patch, REPEAT STEP. This does not leave much time to have a look at the scenery so leave refilling buckets, talking till after you have harvested Catherby.

The finished step is is that the obvious harvest(or apparent when they died), super compost & replant + notice the herbs u harvested with the instrument leprechaun. I use the Camelot teletab & abandon Catherby to continue to utilize nominal inventory space & in the event of forgetting to replant I will get back to (most of) others using an easy free teleport. Its also the closest patch to buy OSRS gold a lender so simple to dump inventory or catch whatever you may have forgotten Also for Trollheim, its value using rock climbing boots on just if, & if planting 2 or more kinds of seeds always use your best/most expensive there.

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