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Posted: Thursday 25 March 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


Head to Entrana with a bucket of Super Compost and the Keldahop Seeds, also talk with the Head Priest so as to recieve Keldahop Seeds(b) and Super Compost(b). Next catch a Vial of Water and RuneScape gold add Marrentill into it, Then grind up Rosemay, Marigold and then Nasurtium and insert them into the potion to recieve a Super Plant Cure.

Next return to Rind that the Farmer and utilize the Super Compost(b), then plant the seeds, halfway through their growth they will become diseased, use the Super Plant Cure on it. After the Keldahops have completely grown Rind will thank you and tell you to return and talk with Commander Veldban.

Talk with Kjut to learn his supplier is Arhein in Catherby who has been shipping his carts over White Wolf Mountain, however they have not been getting over. Head out to Catherby, and speak with Arhein, and he will tell you that his assistant who generally does the deliveries goes in the base of the Catherby Side of White Wolf Mountain.

Defeat all three and hit the other side of the mountain. Now return to the Catherby facet of White Wolf Mountain and talk with all the dwarf who protects the underground passage. Now he will permit the shipment to experience the passage, tell Arhein who will be pleased about this change. Now head back to Keldagrim and talk with Kjut to find out that the order is still not going through. Head back to Catherby, catch yourself armed forces and equip a Ring of Visibility, head down into the passage to see a cut scene where a Spirit Wolf strikes the Assistant using the cart, now it's up to you to destroy the Spirit Wolf, level 210. Communicate with Kjut back in Keldagrim and you've solved his dilemna.

Next talk with Commander Veldaban again, who will inform you Gold Warriors have been coming from those caves and Dondaken wants your help to stop them. Head to Dondaken and he'll beg you to kill the present four Gold Warriors, level 62, and then Dondaken will inform you an old wizard may have the ability to help you prevent them permanantly, so head to Hazelmere who can"look into your brain" and provide you a scroll. Head back to Dondaken and You'll see the following article:

Bellua minutor imperium ego Abeo Quod Desino Res!!! English Translation: Decorative creatures I command you to return to your own department and finish your existance. Speak with Smokin' Joe and he will tell you that rats have started to buy osrs gold safe pile into the city, luckily he was able to make a little cage around each of the 3 holes to slow them down. Smokin' Joe will tell you that you need to block the holes, and he could make steel boards if you bring him steel bars.

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Category: RuneScape gold buy


Agility: Once worn, your weight will diminish be -3, when the skillcape is triggered to get 100 agility, it's diminished to -4. Mining: When worn, mining speed is increased by 5 percent, and RuneScape gold when the cape is actived, it's increased to 10%. Herblore: When the skillcape is triggered, a pestle and mortar isn't required to crush herblore items. OR once the cape is triggered, potions are automatically made into 4 doses rather than 3.

Slayer: If the cape is worn, you can speak to slayer masters whenever you desire, and the cape can hold 3 charges. Speak to Duradel (in person) to get it recharged. Fletching: Creating bows/strining is made somewhat faster. Hunter: All traps you lay are automatically smoked so that your sceant is still gone. Farming: Plants have a greater resistance to diseases (only when the cape is worn, and only the plant that is planted when the cape is worn is resistent to disease).

Structure: All boards made are discounted by 10% (like from the lunar bout ). Firemaking. The time a fire lasts is raised by 25% whilst wearing the cape. I simply thought that some skills needed an extra bonus for all the hard work, and I also thought that a few the emotes where a little chincy.

Well, lately with all the newest House Party world, many"Hotels" and"Restaurants" happen to be opening up in homes. I like this idea, but it sounds somewhat useless. I wanted to expand it, with new kinds of houses. To change the kind of your residence, go to one of the Estate Agents from the game. It prices 20k to alter the kind of your dwelling.

Okay, so for anybody who performs tai bwo wannai tidy up, you know you can disturb broodoo sufferers when you hack jungle?well good players use their weakness on them, thus slaughtering them, and buy osrs gold safe they are not a problem.though you will find players who dont because they forget the weaknesses or simply cant be bothered.

Posted: Wednesday 3 March 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


I've successfully completed the Slayer challenge. No more tips are wanted. So, I recognized Sumona's struggle to RuneScape gold slay the infamous Kalphite Queen. Clicking on my sig will reveal my stats, for reference. Forumers, I would like your suggestions and input as to how I would best go about this endeavor without failing miserably.

Okay everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I've another question... I have one of these treasure chests out of Carnillean Rising, as I am sure a lot of you do also. It's been sitting in my bank because I ended the pursuit because I don't know exactly how it works or what to do with it. Yes, I know you are able to spoil it to host your own private treasure search. But that is all.

I'd like to set a small prize in it and bury it. But how can anybody open it if I need to set a pin onto it or give out keys. Should I bury it one a given universe, does it exist on all of worlds, or just the world I buried it on? Will it remain buried in that spot forever, and ever, and ever? And how do other men and women find it, let alone even know one is buried someplace?

Another thing I'm concerned about is that I do not wish to begin announcing a treasure hunt. I'm 99% sure that some scammer will turn this thing into a scam earlier or later. I could just picture all the scammers at the GE shouting outside,"Hosting Treasure Chest search! Legit!" And I really don't want to be connected with that. I really don't need to be like this idiot who states,"I only want the nice people to answer my question." (though I'm beginning to know why he says that everywhere). But please, even if you don't have anything nice or useful to say in reply, then please pass my query over.

The dart will kill Vanstrom. After utilizing the dart you will go right to OSRS buy gold the part of fighting as Vanescula. (which is a safe fight) Due - I had forgot about vanescula, however, knew she was the easy part - lol. The very first critter kill was quickly too - I awakened, but that protector was quickly discharged. I have had vanstrom nearly ded a few times and my hope was up - until my link no longer carried orders and I died with 8 sharks abandon and bummer my clicker failed me.

Posted: Tuesday 23 February 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


You guys agree? I want to OSRS gold get 60 wc. I will just wc the best log I could. Can I train at fleshies or in hillies? Fleshies are better xp, but hillys give pray xp. Anybody want to tell me where to train after 40/40/40? Tcmp didn't mention anything.

I'd around 300K last week. Merching should get quicker then. Name Changed. Thanks again! Here I go to make it short. This weekend, I will be on for about 7 hours as I have a PD day on Friday... if I dung for seven hours straight, or camp in hillys? Or camp in fleshies for your xp? I will do either. What if I do? Joyful? I will bury the bones at hillys and will just leave to lender limp roots and to check G.E. Simple. And... should I hurry floors or perform all rooms? Should I solo or team?

If you mean ring courses only look them up on the wiki. Typically those that are most useful would be the melee ones. After suspended floors comes the very first set of deserted flooring. 1 and 2. Dung is rather slow in lower levels so you are unlikely to gain an excessive amount of xp. Work out how fast you do dungeons and how much xp you get on average per dungeon. C1 or C6 Is Dependent upon rate. If you're able to do a c1 in 2 minutes and receive 55xp then a c6 that requires 20minutes and makes you 650 xp is much better xp. 10x55xp = 550 xp in precisely the identical period of time a c6 would gain you 650xp.

Every-time you complete your maximum floor you should reset. "Do I do the cheapest floor for every course?" I don't have any clue what you mean by this query. Rushing typically gets more xp but doing all rooms can be more relaxing. That's a personal choice. You receive xp bonuses to the amount of monsters you kill as well as also the rooms you enter. The number for entering rooms is higher than that for murdering monsters so constantly enter every area but only kill monsters should you want/need to. That's private question. What do you enjoy doing more? Coaching in a single spot or Cheap RS gold dunging to train several things?

Posted: Monday 8 February 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


Currently I'm unsure whether it is well worth it to RuneScape gold use Juju Farming potions - though they are helpful, they require a lengthy time to assemble ingredients to create. They do, however, make Torstol seeds a more viable option for profit, giving on average more profit than Snapdragon even on patches other than the Trollheim patch. 1 factor of note here that covers a couple of alternatives, otherwise I am in near complete agreement. As far as juju farming Crystals go, they're a terrific bonus to a herb run - that they give a 1 in 3 chance to receive 2 herbs @ once & I rarely do a run with less than 50 total herbs from 5 patches unless some expire. My highest is over 70.

BUT as leaf states its a waste of time to camp Herblore Habitat just to make the potions, I do it every week just for the rapid bonus XP for finding all 10/13 jadinkos & some seeds discovered while doing this get planted & used. They only last a couple of minutes so the most efficient route I've found for getting all spots using 1 dose of potion is: get into the Trollheim patch, drink a dose of juju farming pot, REPEAT STEP, Ectophial teleport to Port Phasmatys & run into spot, REPEAT STEP, cabbage port (explorer ring) into Falador patch, REPEAT STEP, Cloak teleport into Ardougne Farm, REPEAT STEP, Camelot tab & conduct to Catherby patch, REPEAT STEP. This does not leave much time to have a look at the scenery so leave refilling buckets, talking till after you have harvested Catherby.

The finished step is is that the obvious harvest(or apparent when they died), super compost & replant + notice the herbs u harvested with the instrument leprechaun. I use the Camelot teletab & abandon Catherby to continue to utilize nominal inventory space & in the event of forgetting to replant I will get back to (most of) others using an easy free teleport. Its also the closest patch to buy OSRS gold a lender so simple to dump inventory or catch whatever you may have forgotten Also for Trollheim, its value using rock climbing boots on just if, & if planting 2 or more kinds of seeds always use your best/most expensive there.

Posted: Friday 29 January 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


Thus, in the two manners I: Max out. Get Elysian. Get 6 Chaotics. If I have not already mentioned this, once I get Elysian, I'll be dunging into 99 then maybe 120. Should you say"BUT UR A FAILED 120!" Well, as I said, this is a long term goal. 1-2 decades. Just wondering on opinions. Would prefer some reasons for OSRS gold either one, not only a"ELY" or"99 DUNG" comment. So, actually, I am looking for a reasons - maybe not an exact answer. Sorry if I confused you, don't hesitate to post anything/PM me about this.

Alright, thanks guys. I'll be replacing the toktz-ket-xil with a dragon defender, and dharok's body together with guthan's body, since guthan's body offers the identical defense significance, but is a lot cheaper. And yes, I'll be saving up for a fury... Any other hints? I'd happily take em. I propose a saradomin sword (ss), or in case you dont have the cash, a d scimmy/d defender combo. If you not or cant however do the monkey insanity pursuit, then I propose either a brac blade, or even a long if your really low on the moneys.

Additionally, what are you going to be utilizing this armour for? If coaching without taking much harm (pest control) the I dont suggest using barrows. You should think about getting a fighter torso for training because it includes 4 str. It takes a while to Buy RS gold get but its well worth it, and also the mini game is fun. If you're going to be slaying or participant fighting in security (castle wars, duels) then suggest the armour above.

Posted: Friday 15 January 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


STEALING FROM SILK STALLS (SAFE) Requirements: 20 Thieving. Ardougne Market is a particular place. There you may find various stalls with various items including Silk Stalls that we're considering. But what makes it extraordinary? From level 20 of Thieving you'll be able to rob an NPC from Silk that lies on his booth and sell him his own goods afterwards. Everything that you have to do is to fill your inventory with all the content and go to the bank to keep it. NPC will refuse to exchange with you for 20 minutes but after that time you will be able to become 60gp for every slice of Silk that you have previously stolen. A bread and butter of every RuneScape participant with active membership. Slayer gives you entry to OSRS gold the critters that normally you could not kill. Their fall tables are referred to as much better than those of regular enemies. This creates an opportunity to produce some gold and buy better equipment for your Ironman character.

Although you can make some gp through Slayer even quite early on, you may have to get to 80 Combat and 50 Attack for this method to become very rewarding. Higher level creatures land greater overall profit and because we came here largely for gold you are interested in being at the maximum battle that it is possible to get. For Ironman, Slayer is a real bet since some of the monsters drop a lot of gold while others give barely anything. You cannot decide on which job you are sent so that your best bet will be to ban the cheapest ones.

To start alching Ecumenical Keys you'll need to collect them from God Wars Dungeon first. As it is not a safe zone to be in you need to be mindful to not perish there. For this place, head north from the Bandit Camp. After arriving at the dungeon make your path to the south. This will get you straight into the primary room. From that point you want to walk towards north and RuneScape gold buy then attain Zamorak safe place. With Mage or Ranged combat you'll have the ability to take Imps that reside in this location. They have Ecumenical Keys in their drop table which you'll be attempting to farm.

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Category: RuneScape gold buy


There are certain activities that prayer is nearly required for and RS gold in the long term, this is going to be tremendously beneficial for you (in terms of saving prayer potions and thus bank trips and cash). For now, don't consider slayer for a money maker. Consider only trying to gain levels as fast as possible while keeping minimal or no losses.

Sell all your slayer loot for Super potions (attack and strength primarily), prayer potions and various other supplies (you might want to think about cannoning certain jobs ). Furthermore, remember prayer and summoning as far as combat goes. Both of these skills are EXTREMELY beneficial towards slayer and so are actually worth training.

Your slayer loot will help cover coaching these stats because acquiring 70 Prayer and 68 Summoning would help you out a ton. Remember to loot all the charms you'll get. A good deal of this may seem ineffective or buy osrs gold safe unnecessary but if you think about it down the road, this spending will probably pay off if you are getting whips and boots. Also notice that by no way am I suggesting to waste your own bank on slayer. I am just saying utilize slayer loot for slayer supplies.

Posted: Sunday 13 December 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: RuneScape gold buy


It's quite dull, going for 80+ you may probally die of boredom. In terms of OSRS gold soul wars, even if you can get into a match, then you probally wont do to much. FOG is also a fantastic selection, as a few hundred xp every few minutes. Not fast, but definetly not boring.pest controller is pretty fast too, but your level might be little low(such as 65 in all+). So in short: several friends, short periods, but a lot of periods=experiments.

 Less buddies = insect management / fist of guthix. You may also wanna try out slayer, as you will want it afterwards. Moss giants are great with friends. Moss giants are good at all levels, but much more enjoyable with friends. PROBALLY MORE.

 I am likely to do the fight caves and I have looked on guides and know what I am going to Cheap RS gold do I only need a little bit of help with equipment/inventory options. I've about 200k to spend on gear... When need prayer against Jad do I operate behind stone and take potion or only maintaining fighting and take quickly. Any help would be greatly appriciated although I must insist that in the event that you help you have completed fightcaves after yourself.

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Category: RuneScape gold buy


Attempted options: Getting people to RuneScape gold fall-in during practices and penalizing people who don't quickly fall in after a KO. Slightly powerful. I'm unsure about the effectiveness of this. Letting those wanders get KO'd first. It's their own problem. Effective is getting people to complain, I would say.

Folks do not want to come to wars following continuous losing as a result of above two issues. Excuses: The clan is not a warring clan, it's a nation clan. Those that are looking to ability have the right to ability. It is not my fault that we lost, it is because nobody was binding. Wars are a waste of the time, we proceed and receive our....kicked. I'd rather skill or train up then go there to suffer another defeat. Retorts to excuses: The clan might not be a warring clan, but every member is still predicted to emerge for wars. Just because we do not make wars mandatory does not mean you can slack when we need individuals. The mindset of"other individual will bind" is why nobody is binding. Everyone is hoping that somebody else will pop into bind to them, but there is not.

When we fix the above two issues, we will win. And could you rather gain the next level or be glad that you helped the clan and won a war? If anybody has an answer, or even an notion of this clan can solve the issues mentioned previously, I'd be glad to buy osrs gold safe hear it. And before anyone asks, I am not holding any position in this clan, not a warlord nor a respected performer nor forum moderator.I'm just a normal member, and I don't need to see this clan get ruined by the problems and be the laughing stock, the shadow of a clan which has been formerly renowed in winning wars. Thanks.

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Category: RuneScape gold buy




Do you guys suggest me about visiting fight Armoured Zombies to get 99 strength,defence and RuneScape gold assault with my current configutation? I am attempting to perform dragon slayer in my f2p pure. I would like to understand which quests (F2P just ) are the quickest way to receive 33 exploration points? You should certainly do the"Romeo and Juliet" quest -- it provides you five pursuit points and  is really easy. Vampire Slayer also gives you three pursuit points. Goblin Diplomacy provides you five pursuit points, Prince Ali Rescue gives you three QP and also lets you into Al-Kharid at no cost.

I advise you look at the quest manual and receive each of the required items into your stock BEFORE starting the pursuit. Ernest the Chicken provides you four QP but is quite difficult. Pirate's Treasure gives you 2 QP. Demon Slayer gives you three QP (presuming you are a melee pure) Of the one-QP quests, the ones that are easiest are likely: Rune Mysteries (simply walking back and forth between Draynor and Varrock a few times) Doric's Quest (presuming you can mine iron, Examine the pursuit guide and receive the required ores beforehand) Cook's Assistant (Bring milk, several eggs, along with a kettle of flour with you to the Quest start stage )

Summoning levels: 52 - Terrorbird, holds 12 items (min. 68 - Bunyip, the very first healing familiar worth with, heals 2hp/15sec I understand it doesn't sound like much but it adds up). 69 - Fruit bat, create fruits to heal yourself. 79 - Titans, Really good healer, heals 8hp per scroll + 12.5% def boost. 88 - Unicorn, would HIGHLY recommend you do this if you want to Buy RS gold stay in gwd for long times in a team/trio/duo/solo, heals 15%hp per scroll.



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Category: RuneScape gold buy


While I do get mems I will for certain particular: Guthans (using helm and spear only when healing). D boots. Black mask (shortly to be slayer helm after many quests) Whip. Rune defender (already have). Fury. Sara Sword (maybe have not determined yet). RoW (yes I believe in them). Combat Bracelet/Bracelet of Regeneration (which can be better?) . But what else guys? Thank you for RuneScape gold any and all help.

I was wondering if I should get def up on this account. Money isn't really a problem because this acc doesn't have any money making abilities and is currently a runescape millionaire (acc is just 6 days old) so I don't NEED to get def up to save food, but wanted to know if I should/when I should. Also I was wondering when I should get att/str. I think I can get like 70 att/str levels with no cb atm (but I'm also worried about hp levels including to my own cb) and lastly I wanted to know if I need to train mage through battle, teletabs (this option is tough for me since I don't have easy access to a lectern) or just using tele charms. Again I am just worried about the hp levels including to my cb if I train through battle.

I can't really find and range tank guides whatsoever. I know what I need my end results to be but the way I should get there/what leveling into get/etc is where I'm stuck at. Any help would be appreciated. Try not to double post, people warn you . Okay, firstly is that this f2p or p2p? P2p tanks are sort of useful, but I'd stick for being a pure. As a primary it is much for fun to play however, more range of things to Buy RS gold do.

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I had been watching a video and they'd kings knights training area I did quests to RS gold get in there and its gr8 but hit alot of 0 (orges in cages) but in a way itsd good as u dont need to run about making crabs pop up... can somebody help me? What is the ideal location to train range with a cannon? There my stats and also my cb is 41... The areas I know of are... Rock crabs, Kings knight coaching area, Stronghold. They are the places I understand that give me good range xp and no additional xp if I use cannon.

I started the Haunted Mine Quest a very long time ago when I was like level 58, I died and dropped some precious things. I am considering trying again. I use lobsters, I have dragon legs, dragon dagger (p++), granite platebody, dragon medium helm, granite shield, dragon mace, dragon longsword, ancient mace, rune hally, (a couple other melee weapons), I have a magic bow, I have a tendency to utilize iron arrows, magic I've the runes needed. Although I prefer melee I'm much better at it. I have splitbark armor. Please tell me what to do to conquer Treus. I am better with melee, but if I want to do half and half I will do it. How should I do it. Thanks.

I am kinda getting tired. What if I do? Also which is ideal to OSRS buy gold earn money?




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You'll get all this and much more in January 2020. Let's start digging in... Archaeology, the Gathering Skill. Welcome to the humble mattock -- the pickaxe, if you may, of Archaeology. You'll have the ability to RS gold make these, and you'll experience that simple joy of progressing throughout the mattocks as you level.

It is with the mattocks that you will gain your initial Archaeology XP. Locate excavation hotspots at dig sites, uncover and keep materials from lost ages, and get those pesky profits. How can it feel? There is a smidge of this Mining Rework, as there's no rivalry; you are doing it at the very same spaces; and sometimes excavation sites will become extra-worthwhile, highlighted by a time sprite in a similar manner to rockertunities.

While you will be spending an adequate quantity of cheap RuneScape gold time gathering, the true fun -- and the largest chunk of XP -- stems in the manufacturing side of this skill. Sometimes, as you excavate, you'll discover damaged artefacts. These artefacts are the real treasures of yesteryear -- things of importance in lost ages. They will be broken when you locate them, and it's up to you to animate them.

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The problem I see with specific communities of this day is that they create a policy or"filter" according to OSRS gold the current situation and adhere with it for quite a while. The reason why this is a problem is that the problem changes very quickly and community leaders do not adjust their policies to the new circumstance. In Jagex's situation, they have set up a user-friendly policy and stuck to it, while (because of this policy) the amount of users and feedback increases enormously. You can compare it to Jagex widely opening their eyes rather than closing them if a massive package of light is shone upon them. This induces them not being able to effectively review all feedback and comply with wishes.

Jagex is only one community I see this problem with though. In fact, when community leaders select co-leaders to assist them direct the community, they are invited to make a few policies so confusion could be avoided. This is how such policies usually begin, but as you finally know now, sticking with a filter or policy for a very long time has a great deal of disadvantages. Occasionally, when activity decreases, websites keep filtering the identical amount of'light'. This causes enormous inactivity and not enough website content being submitted.

Jagex to analyze the problems in RuneScape

I'll use a personal example to help explain more completely. Whenever I moderate a Clan Chat, how I talk and behave would be dependant on the amount of users in chat. Whenever there's only a handful of players in CC, I attempt to consciously talk with gamers, have fun with them and just be silly. However, whenever there's roughly 15-20 people in the chat, I automatically become a little more severe (still favorable ) and don't become as personal as ordinary. This is only because I have to moderate a Clan Chat that is more complete and Buy RS gold so are more likely to contain some trolls. Dynamic filtering is there too.

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I can not confirm whether it's accurate, but Jagex has been on record dozens of times stating they don't place significant dev time to pre-poll content. They mostly flesh out the ideas and RuneScape gold roadmap and receive community input pre-poll. I am pretty certain group ironman was announced at runefest 2017 and was supposed to be released 6 weeks down the road at the most recent. Idk why Jagex makes so many empty promises every Runefest; it's like they make these programs and when they get in the dev function they understand it is going to become a lot more work than they anticipated but they're fearful of being transparent with the community about it.

The over-promise and under-deliver since it attracts people to buy the premier club every year, and once they have their money from that it is like they no longer give a fuck about the actual updates. Jagex already has the skilling contract frame laid out quite a while ago. For instance, PoF contracts have been inserted on the fly. It was only a ninja upgrade that required a couple of days. In case Jagex needs, they could add contracts to all the other abilities on the fly in both RS3 and OSRS too. The issue is do they have better implementations than skilling contracts.

OSRS has multiple new coaching hotspots

PoF contracts came with 120 farming. And frankly, there's not a huge reason to do them if you don't want trim. They're only good for standing, and standing is actually only worth finishing for completions sake. Meanwhile, OSRS has been stuck with the same old same old way of building training for 7 years before now.

Saying aquarium isn't the exact same old method of instruction is extremely questionable. Isn't Mahogony Homes with the same old way of training for OSRS too? It was. At least Aquarium brings out more methods for incorporating fishing into it. If you are taking a look at brand-new methods of building training, wait a few months before RS3 comes up with new brand Construction methods in the style of Safecracking in RS3. It has only been revealed in the livestream ongoing currently.

The only parallel between conventional construction and Mahogany Homes is the fact that both have hotspots. In MH you need to go around the globe to fill the homes of specific NPCs with furniture that is a far cry from. Aquarium was basically a fishing upgrade that happened to add a brand new good training procedure. You are still utilizing the conventional POH hotspots in Mahogony Homes, right? So it is still the exact same on-the-hot-spot sort of classic training method without anything extra like fishing and rewards added in Aquarium.

Calling MH and classic con precisely the exact same means of instruction since they utilize hotspots is extremely obtuse. One is literally standing in precisely the exact same tile for hours on end and the other is teleporting around the game world. buy OSRS gold releasing a brand new way is completely irrelevant to what we were discussing.

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Ther isn't a record of sort, but most of the ancient game is the same as RS gold as they haven't touched sub 50 in many skills. I have a series called minimum maxing where I try to maximum in the least amount of game time (without purchased MTX) I'd encourage combat early and transferred over wealth to make a number of the early bubbles possible. But the questing path I took was quite efficient as I did all the early levels with quests and rushed ancient curses. Maikeru is the communities greatest guide maker by popular belief, personally I think Tonix has more educational guides concerning information presented but his voice isnt as amusing and his videos arent as flashy as Maikeru's. The biggest difference between OSRS and RS3 is that your levels are less significant, unlocking abilities/prayers/better gear is a much larger increase.

What new skill would you like the most in OSRS?

Mentioned this several times today, however, Exploration. Tl;dr is it'd unlock places very similar to how Slayer unlocks monsters. My latest pitch of it involves exploring new and present dungeons to train it as well as raiding ruins, and it is a dungeon-crawling activity similar to Dungeoneering. Pretty much, Exploration might be exactly what Dungeoneering should have been. However, what if between these various dungeons and ruins had something such as... water, and also to blend this water and get to these cool areas we would have to build a ship? Sounds pretty fun to me. We could even alter the skill name just a bit from exploration to something such as sailing idk appears tricky.

Sailing has been part of the layouts also. I think I was working into my recent variant of this but I wanted to focus on the core of the ability first. Sea exploration could always arrive and the trouble is that it may appear to similar to OSRS buy gold Dungeoneering, therefore making it a Dungeoneering/Sailing hybrid in the beginning may not assist its reception. However, I believe one ability that focuses around researching areas and unlocking new regions can solve a lot of problems that those abilities had invidiually. What do you mean by"I was working into my latest variant of this"? It does seem that we just want the notion even if identification prefer the skill to be a little more wet. Exploration would be amazing.

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Due to how competitive they are, and that you can't just outright buy some items, and rather have to gamble for them which should technically be illegal, and I doubt they're in any politician's pockets at the moment. I find it fascinating how they are always super hyped about their background - and yet they clearly did not learn anything out of RS gold, and have pretty much tarnished their new with their community by not building off what's viewed as'good' by community members, and rather continuing to do exactly what a sizable part of the community disagrees with. It is their game in the long run, but if you create something unpalatable, individuals will not continue eating it forever.

You mean the game where the game with worse images is popular? Who would've believed that pictures are not the end-all be-all when 90% of the time in RS3 you're not even taking a look at the display and instead are watching Netflix/etc whilst AFKing. I believe part of that is that OSRS is pretty consistent, RS3 is all over the place. Maybe not in any way consistent, as even the OSRS artwork group has admitted that the disparate elements of the graphics of OSRS and they are going to update their artwork fashion.

Old School has a distinctive visual style that has endured its share of twists and turns within the previous seven years. Since the art director, I want to focus on bringing these disparate elements together in a more cohesive manner. There a few things we want to address before diving deeper We are Taking a Look at ways to modernise the graphic characteristics of Runescape." - OSRS's June Gielinor Gazette.

I don't believe players hop off island and instantly start afk skilling whilst viewing Netflix or whatever. They are likely to be engaged with the match they simply started playingwith. You mean the same thing that happens in OSRS, which has worse graphics but produces multiple occasions more gamers? A new coat of paint does nothing hell it is even a negative at this stage since it would take 1 of our updates on a decorative upgrade that adds literally nothing to Runescape. If you would like to see an uptick in playercount, you have to repair the issues.

There is A character model rework a project that is larger then the mining/smithing upgrade. They can't currently make barely any content. Such a project, while attainable, is beyond any ability to keep any further game updates alongside a project. It is not laziness or inability, it is financial ruin for the sake of earning models typically kept at the greatest distance better. Plus it'd be ruin, they went too not updating Runescape or communicating about not updating Runescape. We already know that RS gets pennies to the dollar reinvested back in the money that they make to RS. Until their communist overlords permit them enough money and time to build up their team, these kind of cheap RuneScape gold jobs are never going to happen.

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The question is why are giving RS3 a try. RS3 hasn't done anything to improve player experience that was brand new and OSRS just had a Darkmeyer expansion. So, the player experience that is new was upgraded by Jagex prior to that, it was the Ashdale tutorial. They have been doing little things here and there to improve it, but more is needed, thus the reason I made this article. But from what I can gather, OSRS players have been burnt out (someone said leagues before as being a possible reason) and are probably only looking at Buy RS gold as something familiar, yet distinct, while they wait out the burn out.

I Would like to listen to your OSRS remarks that are unpopular

Gotta not think of slayer as a"ability". Its different to every ability. I go to a tree After I train woodcutting, also I train woodcutting. Same thing applies for almost every single skill minus a few mix art techniques (underwater agility/thieving for example) and a few different ones such as Farming (in which you still"go do a farm run" but you also do one then go off doing other stuff and also the time spent farming is extremely fast). I don't do slayer to"just train slayer". Its going and relaxing in an afk task like Gargoyles, or exploding to train my magic in the catacombs, or performing a boss with higher damage and precision while on job (or even a slayer boss, in that).

The one thing slayer does is unlock new critters / bosses for me. The skill focused on. Im coaching combats, magic, range, earning GP doing interesting bossing etc.. In addition, don't begin slayer at low battle, thats the main mistake newer gamers create since they hear"slayer is the best". And it stinks at low battle because theres not one of these fun things I have talked about and your tasks are slower and more boring.I maxed combats immediatly after gold swapping from RS3 to get back into bossing with clanmates who also returned when OSRS mobile came out. We are all stuck in the position of slayer being completely obsolete because we can boss or do vork/zulrah for gp, and cannon or barrage farming is not any fun amd a waste of time that could have been spent on neighborhood play or playing something else.

It's boring and slayer is a skill, it is kill x monster y occasions and Cheap RS gold go here. It is the same x amount of trees for y xp. You may kill monsters you want do you need an npc to tell you when. This is the reason why I don't get accounts with more than the exp to get 99. Sure, for those who have a high kc on cerb that makes sense that you've like 15m exp, however the folks with 50m+ that make fun of me for being maxed at 93 slayer... I just didnt get the jobs I desired, so I did what I wanted rather than

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There is a tutorial island, and it does teach you concerning the toolbelt, and also how to use it. The issue is, you do not go to tutorial island if you don't select"returning player" when creating a brand new account. It ought to be the default option regardless of what, fast getting players through the fundamentals, then burthorpe behaving as a tutorialfor those who desire OSRS gold, as it does cover a good deal like Slayer, crafting, fletching, etc.Only addition I will put here is please don't advocate the removal of legacy. We are aware that it isn't the most popular but there is a dedicated group of players who only use legacy(see the heritage only worlds). Even though a small group of gamers I would quote in a 24 hour period around 500-900 players in that category.

What we can take from this is that Jagex literally needs to replace both tutorial island and burthrope tutorial with a genuine tutorial/controlled game environment that's better than both. Rehashing burthrope tutorial is something we've seen Jagex perform on occasion but they need to realize that low level gameplay in general is a untended mess. Tossing a completely new player out into a sandbox and hoping that they don't run into material that's too old or questionably imbalanced is by modern game standards, a very mediocre action to do. I do not say this since people should aggressively defend this is the way RuneScape is, however since individuals who come from a different game, normally another mmo, will have higher standards for the way their initial 10 hours of game plays out.

I'd vouch that base 1-30 battle stats should happen in a totally contained environment like guide island but on a suitably bigger scale using an adventure narrative, a restricted number of abilities, and carefully balanced experience prices. The woodland enclosure that the player first starts at together with the survival pro where you learn to fish, make a fire and cookis a fantastic formula with a great tone. This can be built upon by us. On this island you create your own way up the levels to progress the narrative, with numerous skill experts/tutors sprinkled across that may be consulted at any time as needs to be. Specified stats are required by the story to advancement. It's possible to depart the island at any time during confirmation dialog if you completed, or whether you're a veteran seeking fast amounts.

Being in a contained environment, various things could be achieved which burthrope and southern RuneScape can't. To be completely clear, this can be carried out everywhere, so long as it is contained. A reworked and instanced woods someplace in lumbridge can work as well. Establishing a suitable sandbox environment for new gamers to coast in with controlled variables is something RuneScape needs, being that this is a game with 20 decades of content.

I had no clue what I was I was doing. I began a new account for RS3 (I'm presuming that is what I am enjoying, tbh I don't even know) a couple weeks ago and I am still learning the basics. I really don't believe I got a tutorial island and my Burthorpe quests just...disappeared mid-path. I finished up in Lumbridge that was familiar from two years ago and stumbled that, together with googling each step of the way and watching youtube videos, I managed to Cheap RS gold make some good progress.

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On the Lookout for a laptop to play OSRS

My bf and I both play Old School RuneScape on our notebooks and cellular. Well some dumb fuck broke into our apartment and of course notebooks. They had been crap laptops. So we're considering getting better gaming notebooks. He doesnt care as long as he could perform with OSRS and be in a position to record his gameplay while he performs and not be laggy. I on the other hand need to begin streaming on twitch, so I wan na t be sure I purchase a notebook that will be able to deal with not and OSRS gold streaming on twitch affecting things and my gameplay. Since I'm just testing the waters I dont want na go balls and purchase the very best of the best or anything.

Fundamentally run osrs with no being laggy, and being able to record/ and be flowing on twitch smoothly, is what I wanna start with. I guess if the twitch thing is exactly what I wanna pursue farther, I will upgrade my equipment as needed. We have done some and are equally spec noobs but there's just so much to process that I thought it might just be easier to ask Reddit. So if anyone familiar with OSRS and twitch streaming or just recording gameplay or anybody who knows their shit can give us some recommendations on a fantastic gaming notebook to look into and stuff.

So I have the Helios 300 with all the that thing and anything I could throw at it play and 1060 game. I have never done Twitch streaming although I would think you would be OK using the Nitro. Have you used any programs that record while you playwith? Someone had sent me a chunk of them killing me once and I had asked what they used and it had been some sort of Nivida software, but could save the past like 30 sec or something like that.I think there is built in software with this Helios 300 that can do so, but I have honestly never done anything with it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

I have been reading thru some of the gaming laptop communities and maintain seeing individuals meantipning the Acer Nirto 5 and have yet to observe a bad.review onto it. Most of them appear to be folks being impressed with it... so I'm kinda leaning towards it. Plus it is the only 1 k can find. usd. Cause like I said, I am only testing the waters with the whole streaming thing, and $880.39 after taxes and shit is still quite an investment to get a laptop.There is a recent article on this subreddit on a dell gaming laptop using a 2060 to get 979$ which I think is a really solid cost for an RTX card.

1 thing that I hate with current nvidia cards is the naming scheme and my biggest question mark is the occurrence of this GTX 1650. However, the ti is obviously noticeably better. However, if cost is a concern I would really recommend searching for a bargain on rtx 2060 notebook such as that dell. Have you looked into the other items you would need to begin streaming? Like a Mic, Webcam and RuneScape gold buy all that stuff? I would not mind doing this myself especially with the new notebook I've coming tomorrow.