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Posted: Sunday 30 August 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: wow classic gold


By way of example, Firemaw (EU) has estimated turn ins every day and goals they need to wow classic gold hit before July 15th. It's looking quite promising in order to do it on day 1. Why are they doing? Because they are players playing a sport which was our for decades now. It is similar to asking: why are people still speed running Super Mario? Because they can. They and a few different servers are going to have the war effort done along with the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj opened one week after it comes out.

The main reason for concern is that you are taking a look at an expected boom-bust scenario again if we use history as some guideline. The gates open on Server A within the first week - Several alliance/horde guilds transfer there - High Queue times ensue - free transports open up along with the lower faction leaves instantly. The suitable answer to this is really a war attempt that is time-gated. It appears so obvious but I have a feeling it'll be shouted down by small but vocal minority of #nochanges WOW players. I am all ears, Whether there are different solutions.

Quite frankly, when discharging transfers that are free more care has to be taken. It has torpedoed two servers that I have played now, and I am tired of losing weight since I have to play with 4D chess with server selection on a regular basis. I've lost hundreds of friends who are fed up with having to pay more income for issues made by Blizzard. What I find as a remedy is faction. You cannot move to a server using a character that is part of this faction with more 60 percent of the entire player population. Servers are secured indefinitely. And of course, there's friends. If they wish to transfer to a locked server then create a simple necessity of becoming Actual ID buddies for longer than a month.

Another solution would be limiting the amount of logged into accounts from a single location. This goes longer after problem 4. This would require an enormous sacrifice on Blizzard's end because it would reduce revenue. That is why it can not be contemplated. Bring layering back. Layering somewhat created the problem we still have now with many full servers. It created a false sense of what the server's people really was. When it came to crunch time with stage 2 it then became evident that layering kept too many people about the host. Everything seemed fine because there wasn't a queue so people kept making characters there. That is why layering is just kicking the can down the road.

Yes the pandemic will finish, but the range of people committed and addicted to WOW Classic will grow as its going on. Lastly, do nothing. I am with the way the server health situations are used for monetary gain aghast. It has been happening for years with different versions of WOW Classic. And even if it wasn't necessarily meant to be used for financial advantage it looks quite bad from the chair I'm sitting in. I think the chances that have come Blizzard's manner about recreating a 15 year-old game this many men and women like have been squandered by the pursuit of gains and gross mismanagement.

I know some folks have experienced a good WOW Classic experience and I do not want to say anything to take away that. It has been a success for Blizzard than anything they've released. I only wanted to give a little back story of buy classic gold wow the problem that's been beating me up for six months, along with my experience so far. I enjoy it if you read the whole thing.

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Category: mut coins madden 21


However, occasionally a very good participant's"dice roll" ends up as a loss, and something like this occurs. Wide open pass, shed dice roll, trigger"no catch" animation, which in this situation is your WR not attempting to Madden nfl 21 coins catch the ball. Not safeguarding this, as I think a drop, always animation could have made much more sense. That would have been frustrating, but passes that were good do sometimes drop. But that's just nitpicking about the animation the game triggered on this play that made the result appear bad, since the player cartoon was"oops, did not see it before it was too late" rather than"fall open "

The best madden players do not win by soccer iq, they triumph by madden iq. Understanding how to get animations. This is true. When I started playing with it like a video game instead of a football 17, I improved. Hollywood Brown, the rookie child who understands Madden is bullshit so he ran the broken plays every push. Man we request realism we do not mean"Oopsies didn't see that perfect pass you threw in a bucket in front of me". I know everything you are saying but I am barely nitpicking. This is. I wanna watch huge plays on video games not dropped passes just because. I get luck smacking against my receivers and it drops in the smallest quantity of contact. This shouldn't be a feature.

If you were watching a game in the NFL and it only went off the ends of his fingers and he could get his hands that is understandable. Happens to the top receivers on earth from time to time. However, Madden has animations in which the wide receiver will be wide open, holding in the center of the field, staring directly at the quarterback, watching the ball the entire way towards his head. Plus it'll hit him. He doesn't even lift his hands. This doesn't happen with recipients in football, but it will in Madden. The animations thing. Failing a dice test does not feel as bad if the cartoon made it seem like your player at least tried.

This happens all of the time with run blocks and pass cubes. Your blocker will just stand there and observe a guardian scream. At which he makes the effort, at least put in a cartoon. Simply make your gamers TRY. So you are saying that the animations don't matter? If that's true then how would you feel if you played the game and one of your lineman turned black, then left a t-pose, the defensive rusher went right passed. Perhaps a huge error could appear over his head that said"DICE CHECK FAILED!" None of that will bother you enjoying this game because"I do not care if it feels real. I just care when I won the test or not."How to Purchase a next gen console for"free"

Like nearly everyone, I am frustrated in various ways with EA. I'm not INFURIATED like any gamers, and that I genuinely want to enjoy the matches. We've got new consoles coming out which is fantastic this season! I am currently on Xbox, but I'm still on the fence about where I am heading next gen. I have opted to boycott EA for one year. Without spending money on Madden, FIFA, etc. and cheap Madden 21 coins inevitably (for me personally) spending countless more on"packs", I will most likely be able to purchase my next console and probably save money all around.

Posted: Tuesday 25 August 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: wow classic gold


I am quite sorry. I started playing WoW in 2012 and wow classic gold also while the cracks were revealing, most of it was incredibly good and I was happy playing until the latest growth. It's sad that you began in the most recent expansion and even you realize the main problem. They concentrate on what is big and bombastic rather than on that which makes sense. The stakes are raised so high that there are no longer bets.

They supposedly wish to enhance the new player experience by forcing them into a new starting zone and then into the BfA questing zones, but I have my doubts about that being simpler to understand... I don't mind grinding, however I feel as the reward must feel meaningful and last for quite some time. So that just is not happening in contemporary WoW. While I really do enjoy WOW Classic more, it's difficult to recommend it to individuals on a large post about the horrible customer support, lol. Thanks for leaving your ideas!

In all honesty, the entire WOW Classic community is such a contradictory jumble. I would not argue that the customer support has been great or they haven't badly mishandled things (ex. That the Blitzchung mess, a small number of changes made for WOW Classic) but they also need to deal with a playerbase that can be incredibly entitled and poisonous.

Let's Chat: WOW Classic Server Health

This is quite long article that leads off with my WOW Classic experience handling server wellness. I provide several solutions at the end if you'd rather bypass to those, but if you have a moment I recommend starting at the beginning. We started out on Stalagg in the launch of WOW Classic. Herod was really the host that we'd coordinated to property on with a lot of different guilds. However, queue times and a bleak faction balance caused us not to roll there.

Stalagg was a server at the beginning. It was about 55/45 Horde favored. It did have queue occasions however. Faction balance largely remained intact as it seemed both sides lost an equivalent number of buy classic gold wow players. This went on for a few weeks and it became clear that the Alliance were shedding more WOW players than Horde which led to Heartseeker being hilariously Alliance dominant. In the end it had been about 33/66 Horde favored.

Posted: Sunday 23 August 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]


I played MUT for two years 17-18 and Madden 21 coins assembled a 99 ovr group both times without spending and putting a great deal of hours into. Now I'm a parent so that time has cut short and once I buy madden it's only as me and my brothers all play online and trash talk each other every weekend and honestly that is why I buy it every year as it keeps us in communication with each other since we're all in various nations with families, kids etc. But do not be hard on yourself. MUT Players are not the reason Franchise continues to be bare and here is proof: 2K has an UT known as myteam that is horribly worst than maddens from the microtransactions department.

It's mandatory that you spend money to construct an adequate team or play for waaaay to many hours. And even then it's difficult because their matchmaking will fit you up with a tall ovr group and you have a lot of 70s. people pump thousands within that manner, I know Myteam players and they pump at least 4-5k a year into that mode because you can not build a team with no spending. Yet 2K franchise mode is very profound and nothing new was added in the past 4 decades.

In the past 4 years 2K hasn't touched franchise: it's full of a numerous amount of menus and options yes but many of them don't work, and nothing new has been inserted on quite a while. But before I compose madden off I am eager to find out what they do with a new generation of system because the Xbox one / PS4 era has been very bad for madden, since it was pretty profound on Ps3/360. But I tried to tell anyone to not get their hopes up for madden 21 it is the previous madden on the current gen why anybody thought it would be these radical improvements I have no idea.

When you are a child with no money but plenty of free time you will spend the hours to build a team on the cheap. When you're old and still love video games you realize time is money and you have the tools to"skip steps" with cash since you don't need 4-5 hours per day to play games but you still want to compete on line. It's a slippery slope and it bugs me that my friends and I could have had the same experience playing 3v3 franchise in the base $60 cost at a much more balanced playing field. The whole situation is getting out of hands and I want to help prevent it before people with less resources and serious gambling/gaming addictions officially ruin their lives to pad EA's profit margins. Maybe I am out of line but I overlook the innocent days of gaming for a kid when it did not feel so filthy like what was about money and market share dominance.

They literally just re-upped the contract that spring. They are fine with it. Right EA paid something like $1.5B? From a company perspective, their resources are sinking because that is their avenue to profit and ROI. Provided that players keep dumping cash else will be said by them. NFL already got paid what do they care. Even if 80% of the fan base needs franchise mode and only player upgrades, if we only spend $60 base cost for Madden 21 hence represent 20% of their earnings. guess what? The other 20 percent of individuals represent 80% of their revenue because they are spending so much on card packs. It is not about the vast majority of people, it's about the majority friendos, of the profit pie graph.

Yup. Would be to boycott cheap Madden nfl 21 coins, but that will not happen. The sad thing is that it's young children that are addicted to spending money on MUT to buy packs, in which they may or may not get something good. It gaming. The UK appear to have woken up for this, let's hope whoever regulates EA and Madden does also. But as I said, money makes the world go round, so I'm convinced a blind eye will be turned.Yes, I would say our best chances of items changing would be to view loot boxes (card packs) prohibited in some manner. On the other hand, the US has been more lenient on gaming and EA's contracts with other rights along with all the NFL is surely based.

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Category: wow classic gold


In all honesty, the whole classic wow gold community is such a contradictory mess. I would not assert that the customer service was great or they have not seriously mishandled things (ex. That the Blitzchung jumble, a small number of changes made for WOW Classic) but they also have to manage a playerbase which may be incredibly entitled and toxic.

I provide several options at the end if you would rather skip to people, but if you have a moment I recommend starting at the beginning. We first started out on Stalagg in the start of WOW Classic. Herod was really the server that we had coordinated to property on with a lot of different guilds. But, queue times and a bleak faction balance induced us to not roll there. Boy was that a mistake.

Stalagg was a server at the start. It had been about 55/45 Horde favored. It did have extensive queue occasions that continued to plague it. Faction equilibrium largely remained intact because it appeared either side dropped an equivalent number of WOW players. This went on for a few weeks and it became clear that the Alliance were shedding WOW players than Horde which resulted in Heartseeker being Alliance dominant. In the end it was about 33/66 Horde favored.

Is not but the transfers just got started. Just before the launching of World Bosses and the Honor system the next tide of transports occurred on November 8th (Source). From the time the weekend ended the bottom had given out on a lot of the Alliance population. With fear of being camped worse than they already were Alliance a portion of it's leveling and more population. On November 11th they left free transfers faction special to Horde (Supply ). It had been far too late. We were asked to make a choice.

The sense of failure because a GM that didn't make the choice that is proper at the suitable time is immeasurable. By leaving them onto a host that was impossible to perform 16,, I neglected my guildies. We understood we needed to move not necessarily because of the camping but since the host market was non existent and there were not any WOW players to amuse.

We decided to weigh our choices and finally landed on Incendius. It seemed like the land that was promised. It had a inhabitants, and roughly a 40/60 Alliance to Horde ratio. After the initial reset of this new year I requested all my guildmates to devote their money and make the transfer to Incendius. That's not in different nations that need to pay more.

Incendius initially seemed like the server. The server became one of the most popular servers by the time BWL. It had inherited most of the Stalagg and Skeram Alliance guilds that were searching for somewhere that had a thriving player base and host economy. The faction balance shifted slightly now to be favorite. Horde PvP guilds out of Stalagg and Skeram that wanted to test their mettle from the Alliance started transferring over and complete chaos ensued. We had a number of the very best world PvP engagements I have ever seen in almost 16 decades of playing buy wow classic gold. It was pandemonium at Blackrock Mountain and world supervisors. Nothing was more heroic than the past three weeks before free transfers started up.

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Category: mut coins madden 21


They did it to tone. But that shit was fucking dumb. They behave like everybody is no lifer or a YouTuber! They might have toned down the wins, but also lower the rewards. Not every HR needed to be a NFL100 player. We were stuck together with 7hrs worth of Mut 21 coins matches for two tokens in wtv voucher was going on. Right? They just like every 10 wins provides a 93 or you a token or anything and might have had a HR for RP. They could have done a very cool one for Fan App. Idk understand the reason why they ditched it. Bro this past year was fire for NMS you could do it. Everybody needs to have a chance to be competitive not only money spenders.

You're incorrect, but this is not even one of the top 10 biggest flaws in Madden 21. IF they would have stuck to the (even loosely) it would give more people a reason to perform. Cheese is not as bad or toned down games, usually rewards that are good. And also to fulfill into. I think time lost the ball with this mode. Shit was already programmed. I concur, but saying this is Madden 21s largest defect is a stretch. I didn't even want to touch gameplay bc that has been hashed and rehashed.

It should not even have been difficult for them to do this. They could have found plenty here with this sub if they had a hard time comping up with thoughts. H2H is hated by me, this past 12, but I played with with House Rules. I recall not quite believing it and getting that Gronk. Nevertheless, there were flaws. But most of these would have demanded a lot more work to mend than this. Right? Someone could be picked by them with all the thought on the sub a competition. Winner gets a 99 OVR team to complete the house rules with.

Among the biggest complaints concerning House Rules this year was that the benefits were trash taking into consideration. Even with that thought, I totally agree with OP it was still the most enjoyable mode that is H2H. Games were (usually) short and the cooldown guaranteed that opponents (and me) would not run the very same plays over and over again. The two Seasons and WL have implications if you lose matches, but House Rules was the space for just against different opponents. I really don't know why supply it and it had been so hard to really stick their word 2 weeks. You know w would have been satisfied yearly. It would provide you something to look forward to each month. Maybe it could take the place of weekend league one weekend.Pros & Captains predictions for Madden 21

So I have been thinking about who they could perform for MUT Master and Level Masters this year. I think this will be the year that they go back to crime for your MUT Master following three years of Defensive masters (that have been awesome especially because of the feeling that these cards have been tributes to buy mut coins madden 21 gamers that unfortunately had their careers cut short or made a sacrifice). I can't think of an offensive player that meets that criteria, but I'd really like to listen to suggestions from y’all! I feel like those are big enough names to create some excitement, but it is not taking too much to provide us them at no cost.

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The question is why are giving RS3 a try. RS3 hasn't done anything to improve player experience that was brand new and OSRS just had a Darkmeyer expansion. So, the player experience that is new was upgraded by Jagex prior to that, it was the Ashdale tutorial. They have been doing little things here and there to improve it, but more is needed, thus the reason I made this article. But from what I can gather, OSRS players have been burnt out (someone said leagues before as being a possible reason) and are probably only looking at Buy RS gold as something familiar, yet distinct, while they wait out the burn out.

I Would like to listen to your OSRS remarks that are unpopular

Gotta not think of slayer as a"ability". Its different to every ability. I go to a tree After I train woodcutting, also I train woodcutting. Same thing applies for almost every single skill minus a few mix art techniques (underwater agility/thieving for example) and a few different ones such as Farming (in which you still"go do a farm run" but you also do one then go off doing other stuff and also the time spent farming is extremely fast). I don't do slayer to"just train slayer". Its going and relaxing in an afk task like Gargoyles, or exploding to train my magic in the catacombs, or performing a boss with higher damage and precision while on job (or even a slayer boss, in that).

The one thing slayer does is unlock new critters / bosses for me. The skill focused on. Im coaching combats, magic, range, earning GP doing interesting bossing etc.. In addition, don't begin slayer at low battle, thats the main mistake newer gamers create since they hear"slayer is the best". And it stinks at low battle because theres not one of these fun things I have talked about and your tasks are slower and more boring.I maxed combats immediatly after gold swapping from RS3 to get back into bossing with clanmates who also returned when OSRS mobile came out. We are all stuck in the position of slayer being completely obsolete because we can boss or do vork/zulrah for gp, and cannon or barrage farming is not any fun amd a waste of time that could have been spent on neighborhood play or playing something else.

It's boring and slayer is a skill, it is kill x monster y occasions and Cheap RS gold go here. It is the same x amount of trees for y xp. You may kill monsters you want do you need an npc to tell you when. This is the reason why I don't get accounts with more than the exp to get 99. Sure, for those who have a high kc on cerb that makes sense that you've like 15m exp, however the folks with 50m+ that make fun of me for being maxed at 93 slayer... I just didnt get the jobs I desired, so I did what I wanted rather than

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Category: RuneScape gold buy


There is a tutorial island, and it does teach you concerning the toolbelt, and also how to use it. The issue is, you do not go to tutorial island if you don't select"returning player" when creating a brand new account. It ought to be the default option regardless of what, fast getting players through the fundamentals, then burthorpe behaving as a tutorialfor those who desire OSRS gold, as it does cover a good deal like Slayer, crafting, fletching, etc.Only addition I will put here is please don't advocate the removal of legacy. We are aware that it isn't the most popular but there is a dedicated group of players who only use legacy(see the heritage only worlds). Even though a small group of gamers I would quote in a 24 hour period around 500-900 players in that category.

What we can take from this is that Jagex literally needs to replace both tutorial island and burthrope tutorial with a genuine tutorial/controlled game environment that's better than both. Rehashing burthrope tutorial is something we've seen Jagex perform on occasion but they need to realize that low level gameplay in general is a untended mess. Tossing a completely new player out into a sandbox and hoping that they don't run into material that's too old or questionably imbalanced is by modern game standards, a very mediocre action to do. I do not say this since people should aggressively defend this is the way RuneScape is, however since individuals who come from a different game, normally another mmo, will have higher standards for the way their initial 10 hours of game plays out.

I'd vouch that base 1-30 battle stats should happen in a totally contained environment like guide island but on a suitably bigger scale using an adventure narrative, a restricted number of abilities, and carefully balanced experience prices. The woodland enclosure that the player first starts at together with the survival pro where you learn to fish, make a fire and cookis a fantastic formula with a great tone. This can be built upon by us. On this island you create your own way up the levels to progress the narrative, with numerous skill experts/tutors sprinkled across that may be consulted at any time as needs to be. Specified stats are required by the story to advancement. It's possible to depart the island at any time during confirmation dialog if you completed, or whether you're a veteran seeking fast amounts.

Being in a contained environment, various things could be achieved which burthrope and southern RuneScape can't. To be completely clear, this can be carried out everywhere, so long as it is contained. A reworked and instanced woods someplace in lumbridge can work as well. Establishing a suitable sandbox environment for new gamers to coast in with controlled variables is something RuneScape needs, being that this is a game with 20 decades of content.

I had no clue what I was I was doing. I began a new account for RS3 (I'm presuming that is what I am enjoying, tbh I don't even know) a couple weeks ago and I am still learning the basics. I really don't believe I got a tutorial island and my Burthorpe quests just...disappeared mid-path. I finished up in Lumbridge that was familiar from two years ago and stumbled that, together with googling each step of the way and watching youtube videos, I managed to Cheap RS gold make some good progress.

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Category: mut coins madden 21


The version. There is too much value as a MUT player for me in it and if you are a MUT player it valuable NOT to mut coins madden 21 do. Like, forget on the internet for a moment. Having an 3 times to receive my coin stack ready to snatch those up elites that are large which undersell because nobody has done solos to put on a coin stack is TOO great. Starting fine off early can really carry out you throughout the year. However, aside from that, $30-50 in packs probably couldn't net you something greater than a complete Lamar, up his power, 17 opportunities at someone like Tyreek/Mahomes, and coaching (that can be now at its most valuable at the beginning ). I mean. ideally you should not go online at the start. Use those 3 times and find a coin pile.

Since I spent a lot of time and millions im gonna get madden next year. If its cheaper, im getting the normal game, whether I get it at start or wait until the fall. Im done giving EA some excess money for Madden 21 until they change their strategy. MVP baby. You know you are gonna be disappointed but cover up anyway. Not gonna leave simple concessions and packs on the dining table. If you can not afford an extra $20 why are you on this sub when you ought to be on the corner holding your cardboard sign. I don't think not needing to spend an extra $40 for items that are virtual means you should be holding up a cardboard sign.

What could actually be inserted into Madden 21 Franchise style

Nothing will be added. There may be a few bug fixes, but that's about it. The sole real reason I say that's because all Madden 21 engineers (not the developers( but engineers) will probably be committed to removing bugs found in the Beta and by testers. And finishing off the item ships. It won't be till a few weeks to Madden 21's launch that the engineers will soon be free to implement any features that may or may not have developed in this time. Think of how Superstar KO did not come until September.

. If they gave as much dedication to franchise mode since they did for celebrity KO last year then we can see BIG improvements. perhaps we could see the scouting overhaul or the coordinators be inserted like individuals want because if they can add an whole new game style during the cycle of madden 20 then they ought to have the ability to add FEATURES in a different game mode right? Perhaps im making much sense but im really worried that by September people wont care as much and we'll still be at square 1.

All 6 of these points are amazing to add and I will be honest they will have to add way more then that to create Franchise what it was I just play Franchise and ill say its not like any of those old maddens and they simply keep removing things before it got to buy Madden nfl 21 coins the bare bone. Its sad that dumb ultimate team makes much cash they do not need to do something to the other modes in madden and superstar KO was something else. I don't even purchase the brand new maddens I play with the previous ones that I get game play and images thing to many but if you want a legitimate Franchise play the previous ones like madden 05 or Espn soccer 2k5. They provide in my opinion and is all those wonderful features others had. The fact I can not see what team my player played for when I look at stats just pisses me off. I've a sense madden 21 will supply the garbage it did this season.

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Category: RuneScape gold buy


On the Lookout for a laptop to play OSRS

My bf and I both play Old School RuneScape on our notebooks and cellular. Well some dumb fuck broke into our apartment and of course notebooks. They had been crap laptops. So we're considering getting better gaming notebooks. He doesnt care as long as he could perform with OSRS and be in a position to record his gameplay while he performs and not be laggy. I on the other hand need to begin streaming on twitch, so I wan na t be sure I purchase a notebook that will be able to deal with not and OSRS gold streaming on twitch affecting things and my gameplay. Since I'm just testing the waters I dont want na go balls and purchase the very best of the best or anything.

Fundamentally run osrs with no being laggy, and being able to record/ and be flowing on twitch smoothly, is what I wanna start with. I guess if the twitch thing is exactly what I wanna pursue farther, I will upgrade my equipment as needed. We have done some and are equally spec noobs but there's just so much to process that I thought it might just be easier to ask Reddit. So if anyone familiar with OSRS and twitch streaming or just recording gameplay or anybody who knows their shit can give us some recommendations on a fantastic gaming notebook to look into and stuff.

So I have the Helios 300 with all the that thing and anything I could throw at it play and 1060 game. I have never done Twitch streaming although I would think you would be OK using the Nitro. Have you used any programs that record while you playwith? Someone had sent me a chunk of them killing me once and I had asked what they used and it had been some sort of Nivida software, but could save the past like 30 sec or something like that.I think there is built in software with this Helios 300 that can do so, but I have honestly never done anything with it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

I have been reading thru some of the gaming laptop communities and maintain seeing individuals meantipning the Acer Nirto 5 and have yet to observe a bad.review onto it. Most of them appear to be folks being impressed with it... so I'm kinda leaning towards it. Plus it is the only 1 k can find. usd. Cause like I said, I am only testing the waters with the whole streaming thing, and $880.39 after taxes and shit is still quite an investment to get a laptop.There is a recent article on this subreddit on a dell gaming laptop using a 2060 to get 979$ which I think is a really solid cost for an RTX card.

1 thing that I hate with current nvidia cards is the naming scheme and my biggest question mark is the occurrence of this GTX 1650. However, the ti is obviously noticeably better. However, if cost is a concern I would really recommend searching for a bargain on rtx 2060 notebook such as that dell. Have you looked into the other items you would need to begin streaming? Like a Mic, Webcam and RuneScape gold buy all that stuff? I would not mind doing this myself especially with the new notebook I've coming tomorrow.

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Category: wow classic gold


To be honest, the entire WOW Classic community is such a contradictory mess. 90 percent of the forum threads are all complaints and sniping at each other or Blizzard/Activision and also the subreddit is not that far better. I would not argue that the customer service was great or they haven't badly mishandled things (ex. The Blitzchung jumble, a handful of changes made for WOW Classic) but they also need to deal with a playerbase that can be incredibly entitled and wow classic gold poisonous.

Let's Talk: WOW Classic Server Health

I provide several solutions in the end if you would rather skip to those, but if you have a moment I recommend starting at the beginning. We started out on Stalagg in the launch of WOW Classic. Herod was actually the host that we had coordinated to land on with several different guilds. However, queue times and a gloomy faction balance induced us to not roll there. Boy was that a mistake.

Stalagg was a damn fine host at the beginning. It was about 55/45 Horde favorite. It did have queue times however that continued to plague it. Shortly after launching (September 3rd Source) free transfers were offered. Faction equilibrium remained intact as it appeared either side dropped an equivalent number of WOW players. This went on for a few weeks and it became clear that the Alliance were losing WOW players compared to Horde which resulted in Heartseeker being Alliance dominant. In the long run it had been about 33/66 Horde favorite.

Now 33/66 is not but the transfers only got started. Before the launch of World Bosses and the Honor system the next wave of transfers occurred on November 8th (Source). By the time the weekend ended the bottom had given out on a lot of the Alliance inhabitants. With fear of getting camped worse than they were Alliance missing and much more casual people's leveling. On November 11th they made free transfers faction specific to Horde (Source). It was far too late however. We had been asked to make a decision for 80 people in three times.

The sense of failure as a GM that didn't make the correct choice at the time that is correct is immeasurable. I failed my guildies by leaving them. Every single flight master was camped, Ironforge camped, Blackrock Mountain.... We knew that we had to move not necessarily due to the camping but since the host economy was non existent and there were no WOW players to recruit.

We finally landed on Incendius and made a decision to weigh our options. It seemed like the promised land. It had a inhabitants, and about a 40/60 Alliance. After the initial reset of buy wow gold classic this new year I requested all my guildmates to spend their money and make the transfer to Incendius. That is not in different nations that need to pay more for their transports.