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Posted: Thursday 24 December 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: OSRS GOLD

 Like I agree it's a issue, but OSRS gold people without any programming knowledge speak such shit about bot detection when it is actually incredibly complex. It is like constructing anti virus software, ever adapting and changing, and also the job required versus the benefit of the business is pretty hard to balance.

You can add all the small errors you desire, when I see 60"players" walk with named huekbevodbbdu1626367 and they all look exactly the same. I really don't give a shit how many errors there are. That is not a valid player. It's either a bot or gold farmer selling their spoils.
Never once said or implied it had been easy at all, but it is their job. The truth is Jagex as a provider just doesn't feel the need to devote the funds required towards the matter.
Can you even have some idea the tools required, or know if it is within their power? Lol enjoy, yeh they will need to discover a creative way to mitigate the impact of bots on the marketplace. However, it's not an issue of whether they feel the need to dedicate sufficient time, such as how do you know they don't care? They have specifically stated the reverse so you're just making that up.
That is a matter of resources versus benefit, and I will assure you, bot detection is Buy Rs gold hard in shooters even though it seems so obvious. It's almost impossible in games like rs. Such as the game is nearly created for botting.
Not sure why you think my understanding on the best way to achieve this is relevant. Nevertheless, I will inform you if I'm not getting my own job done I dont just talk about how hard it is, I find a solution.
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