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Posted: Thursday 31 October 2019 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Astellia Online Asper

 Newbies the to game (along with the genre total ) can facilitate in as they see fit, while using this match quality of life works, such as auto-running into the exact place of your next quest with Astellia Online Asper one click. Astellia Online might not have the attraction which World of Warcraft Classic currently has, however if you are on the border of deciding whether or not to choose it up - it's pay-to-play, after all - my suggestion would be to dive in headfirst.

Many keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming breakout hit when it comes to brand new MMOs going into the market. Unfortunately, for a lot of us MMO players, the genre is now rife with homogenized games that seldom, if ever, deviate into something truly spectacular. A Korean MMO from Barunson E&A, Input Astellia. Can Astellia have exactly what it takes to be a name in the cheap Astellia Online Asper ocean of mediocrity?
Astellia starts players' off with character creation and what players expect, class choice. In the jump, I was quite disappointed to see that out of the 5 courses you may pick from, you could only create male character for the Warrior and the Assassin. While there has been some talk of sex changes being available in the future, gender locked classes have never sat well with me personally, particularly when there are zero ranged choices for male characters to start the match with.
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