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Posted: Monday 9 December 2019 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Madden 20 coins

Epic guarantees a return on Mut 20 coins investment which outweighs the benefits that could be supplied to the consumer and the other advantages. They are simply throwing money to solve a issue, circumventing the idea of competition. Same thing for EA. They could not compete, their match still stinks, a great deal of the the animations, the locomotion/physics, the tackling engine is worse than 2K5. They bought their way out of having to create a much better product and the NFL allowed them to get away with it because they were paid.

Blame EA as it's the NFL that actually gave the exclusivity contract to them? Money is put by the NFL over allowing people do what they want with their merchandise, or allowing a number of people to purchase a contract. They ultimately are the ones who said yes to this large heap of money.They're responsible also, but I doubt they understood anything about Madden games on a gameplay level or actually cared about that tbh. They make money either way provided that Madden would remain to be hot.
As somebody who has played with FUT for decades and only got into cheap Madden 20 coins this past year, I really don't understand how people can state this.In my first ever MUT I was easily able to construct a 90+ roster without spending a penny and was regularly given free top tier cards. FUT on the flip side, you needed to constantly be on market watch to try make coins. Either that, or try your luck and get crushed by 95+ teams over and over until you can manage great Madden players. 
In the very least MUT let's you grind solos so you can be aggressive online, to earn cards. FUT is take your 80 team online and get smashed repeatedly till you can afford Madden players that cost money.
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