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Posted: Thursday 2 January 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: OSRS GOLD

 This is true for plenty of OSRS gold players like me, but I promise you I am not like that. I know how terrible the low-mid match is. I 100% think that jagex should cater to the noob, NOT runescape players like me. I'm not upset that the upgrades"dont appeal to me," as some have accused me. I want quality updates for runescape, therefore individuals of all skill levels can enjoy it. Right now they cater the elitist pvmers, MTX whales, and mobile-game runescape players (look at the absolutely garbage runescape ads on other sites in case you havent). The vast majority of runescape is content and it is fucking horrendous.

Well present teams don't need to be the ones reworking areas, any large scale rework would require a team that is new so it would not come at the cost of content. And as I stated above, reverting to the old fashion is not going to take place. Also as I stated above, the whole map ought to have been preserved over the years so that we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.According to your words, no fresh content ought to be added until all present content is updated, so new team or not, all of articles production must stop until the upgrade is completed.
Furthermore, they already have a business they outsource art content to to attempt to keep up with need, note that this does not correlate precisely using a graphic rework of regions since they lean on this other company simply to assist them manage the load of presenting new content, let alone new content + updating the entire world map. Your whining about a difficult to repair issue, claiming it must have been maintained over the years when it's already blatantly evident that was infeasible to begin with (runescape has not been at a constant graphical degree because RSHD over a decade ago, and arguably not because the release of rs2.)
Expecting them to basically drop everything to update large areas that go Buy Runescape gold mostly unexplored by the runescape playerbase, and that is not even touching on the truth that Jagex has already STATED they wish to shift focus to reworking and improving existing articles when applicable, rather than introducing new content which makes old content searchable. 
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