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YBOS Younger Brother of Sister(s)

a collage of famous younger brothers of sisters

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Younger Brother

of Sister(s)


A Younger Brother of Sister(s) is most experienced with female affection. A Y-BOS essentially grows up having 1.5+ mothers - having Big Sister(s) there to help nurture him and keep him on track, even into adulthood.

The feminine influences that Y-BOSs enjoy in childhood carry into adulthood and ultimately affect their long-term outlook on life. Y-BOSs that don't have near-aged brothers are more sensitive and conscious of how they affect others with their decisions than many other males. They're cognizant and comfortable with their own feminine side, giving them keen insight into what makes a woman weep, what inspires her and what makes her laugh.

The Y-BOS archetype is also wonderfully creative, funny, and knows best how to charm, and (we dare say) manipulate women. When he wants something, he knows which buttons to push and when to back off.

Technically, a Y-BOS's best romantic match is an Older Sister of Brother(s) (O-SOB). This is assuming that he adheres to the characteristics of the classical Younger Brother of Sister(s). As an O-SOB, she can provide the most familiar kind of love and tender care that a Y-BOS is used to. This is also assuming that the couple jointly works to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses - if he's not detail-oriented, he shouldn't kid himself that he is - and let her manage the checkbook. Alternatively, she should know that a man needs to feel like a man and let him make his own decisions to wear "that" shirt, buy "that" car or quit "that" job. 

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His Best (Hetero) Matches:

O-SOB  Older Sister of Brothers (#1)

First Born

O-SOS  Older Sister of Sisters

First Born

Twin - With a brother or older brother


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His Worst (Hetero) Matches:

Y-SOS Younger Sister of Sister(s) #1



Famous Younger Brother of Sisters depicted above:

Tyler Perry, Christian Bale, Harry Styles, Dave Chappelle, Jack Osbourne, Danny DeVito

Michael Cera, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Joe Rogan, Michael B. Jordan, Robert Pattinson

Ashton Kutcher, Jason Bateman, Tom Hiddleston, David Arquette, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hanks


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