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2nd House Dominance

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Possessing practical skills;

Valuing stability and financial security;

Possessing and enjoying material resources;

Exhibiting natural talent for asset management.


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What makes a House 'Dominant'? 

Dominant Houses are the houses in which the most planets or the most significant planetary configurations are located in our birth chart.  Essentially, the more going on in a house, the more 'power' that house gains in significance.

Understanding our Dominant Houses provides valuable insights into our strengths, weaknesses, desires, and motivations. They can give us insights into the areas of life that are most important to us and where we are likely to make the most impact and possibly the most financial gain.

Dominant Houses highlight the areas of life that may require extra attention or development. By embracing the energies of our Dominant Houses, we can tap into our inherent abilities to achieve personal fulfillment and success.

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2nd House Dominant

Also known as “the house of possessions,” the 2nd House in astrology rules over our finances, resources, values, and self-esteem. It's about our personal sense of worth and how that manifests in the physical world, often through the things we own. It’s also concerned with our attitudes towards material wealth, our ability to attract resources and create wealth, as well as how we spend and manage our money.

Apart from the monetary aspect, the 2nd House is also about our personal values and principles. It governs our self-worth and how we value ourselves beyond our tangible assets. It influences how we perceive our own value, both on a financial level and in terms of our self-esteem and self-worth. It also governs how we honor ourselves through our physical body and self-care routines.

If your 2nd House is dominant, material comforts and financial security are especially important to you. You are likely pragmatic, resourceful, and have a keen eye for value. You undoubtedly have a strong drive and focus to build and accumulate personal wealth.  The status of your bank account greatly affects your mood and sense of self worth.

If your 2nd House is dominant, look to see which planets occupy the 2nd House for more insights of how you can attract money, manage your resources and your attitudes towards personal finance and value.

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Shadow Aspects

As with any astrological house, the 2nd House also has shadow aspects. Individuals with 2nd House dominance may struggle with excessive materialism, money worries, or a fear of lack. Addressing these challenges fosters personal growth and a healthier relationship with money and value.


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2nd House Careers

With its connection to money, value, and physical possessions, careers related to the 2nd House could include finance, banking, investments, asset management, real estate, jewelry, personal shopping or styling, antique dealing, auctioneering, personal wellness, and professions centered around self-care and personal improvement.


Note: It's important to note that a dominant 2nd House does not mean that other areas of life, as represented by the remaining houses and planetary influences, are less significant. The overall birth chart and the interactions between different houses and planets provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's life and personality.


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